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For The Healthier & More Energetic You 

Your Personal Health Coach
Your smart health coach & companion to prevent, manage & reverse Type-2 Diabetes by helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle. 
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For the healthier & more energetic you!

Zoi is a personal health coaching and companion app designed to help you choose and develop healthy habits tailored to your unique preferences and needs. Whether you want to lose weight, get more fit, address a specific health issue such as diabetes or hypertension, or just live healthier and happier, Zoi can help you achieve your goals.

Zoi does this by providing live human coaching combined with the latest biometric tools and scientific insights.


  • Personalized tips based on research. 

  • Vetted coaches, hand-picked by Zoi. 

  • Designed to help you change habits. 

  • Intelligent coach matching — but the choice is still yours. 

  • 1:1 sessions with your coach when and where it’s convenient for you. 

  • 24/7 access to Zoi’s health coach via text messages. 

  • Connect with almost any of your wearable device. 

  • Designed for long-term healthy living approach, at a fraction of the cost.  

  • Download Zoi and get started today on creating a better tomorrow!

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Enjoy fun tips & Healthy recipes

Your Health Coach 24/7 with you. 

With 3-months Pre-Paid plan

Pay as you go with monthly plan

How it works


We recruit the best experts in this field, verifying their credentials, their background and their track records. All of our nutrition experts are Registered Dietitians. 

Switch Coach Anytime.



Tam, Zoi Member

"I used Zoi for a year, loved the experience and Shweta, my nutritionist. She helped me set diet and exercise goals & gave me motivation to stick to my targets. She was kind of like my big sister that I looked forward to connecting with every 2 weeks :) Thanks Shweta!"

Doug, Zoi Member

"Engaging with your nutritional health coach for feedback using Zoi Health is convenient and makes the journey to better health enjoyable. The coaching team they provide is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping their clients reach their goals."

Sachin, Zoi Member

"I have been on the Zoi app for the past month and I love the experience. I got connected to my registered dietitian through the app and she has helped me devise a meal plan which is enabling me to become healthy."

Who We are

We are a team passionate about making the world a healthier happier place by helping people approach a more holistic way towards body and mind health. 

Our Mission

To seed and nourish human happiness and well-being, one person, one connection and one habit at a time.


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